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Andean Energy Medicine

Experience deep healing, heart-opening, Earth-honoring, sacred ceremonial energy medicine based on the ancient traditions of the Q'ero Shamans (Pacos) and Andean lineages:

  • Release "hucha" or heavy energy which can relieve stress, tension, anxiety and depression
  • Feel a new sense of belonging and connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth), Nature, the elements, the Creator, and the world around you, let go of that lonely feeling of "I don't belong here..."
  • Re-learn the magical and healing power of stones, plants, power animals, Mountains (Apus), and sacred places, and how to work with them in your life for joy, happiness and wholeness
  • Restore vital energy, creativity and balance after trauma or loss
  • Release old patterns, belief systems and fears with the cosmic help of the Andean Chumpi stones
  • Experience deeper healing and insight about your own spiritual journey, gifts and path
  • Learn to embody the sacred way of the Andes, through the teachings of Ayni (sacred reciprocity), Munay (love), Llachay (wisdom), and Llankay (service).
  • Uplift your energy, manifest your dreams, and connect with the healing power of Gratitude through the Despacho offering ceremony
  • Receive spiritual support and empowerment from Andean Blessings (Benedición) and Rites of the Pampamesayok, Altamesayok, Star Rites, and more...
  • Embody your unique soul's mission and sacred destiny, by connecting with Star Medicine and your own powerful lineage of physical and spiritual ancestors

Deana in Machu Picchu, Peru

Andean Energy Medicine sessions can include the following:

  • Energy cleansing with feathers and Palo Santo and Agua de Florida to release "hucha," heavy, dense energy that we naturally accumulate and carry
  • Blessings and empowerment through calling of Spirit and creating sacred space; use of bells, rattles, sound and chanting for energy transmissions and healing
  • Hands on energy healing for releasing pain, heavy emotions, trauma and stress
  • Blessings of the "Mesa" or portable altar of sacred stones, power objects and tools that facilitate a deeper connection to Pachamama, spirit guides, guardians and angels, and the Earth's power places for deeper healing
  • Personalized healing and empowerment for restoring energy, balance and wholeness through power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, and destiny retrieval
  • Create your own cosmic sacred space for deeper healing and unwinding of old patterns, limiting beliefs and embracing your soul's mission through the ancient system of the Chumpi stones. These 12 stones are carved from the Urubamba river in Peru, and signify the 12 sacred mountains (Apus) in Cuzco, 12 levels of human consciousness, 12 signs of the zodiac, etc.
  • Spiritual guidance and support through the gifts of the Andean Energy Healing cards for creating an empowered, loving and beautiful future

Andean Energy Medicine sessions may be scheduled through emailor by calling Deana at 203-994-5045. Sessions are 90 minutes, and the exchange is $150.


Following is a short video where I share healing through Shamanic Reiki and the Andean Traditions. Enjoy!



Don Umberto Soncco Quispe and Deana


For the past 12 years, I have been blessed to have studied and worked with several reknowned healers and teachers from the Andean traditions, including many of the Q'ero medicine people from the high Andes of Peru, in addition to local teachers who have dedicated their lives to the teachings of this very heart-centered region of the world. Having received over fifteen Karpays, or rites of passage and initiation directly from the Q'ero over the last seven years, and a direct connection to the land through visiting Peru and it's many sacred sites, I feel compelled to share the teachings and gifts that have made such a profound impact in my life.

Along my journey, I was raised Catholic, studied world religions and spiritual and healing traditions from Europe, Tibet and South America. I am greatly influenced by the similarities of the main teachings of the world traditions, meant to heal us all. What I especially love about the Andean teachings, is that they are open to everyone. No special gifts or talents, certificates or degrees needed. Also, many medicine people from this region, have embraced the Catholic faith, or the main mystical teachings very similar to St. Francis of Assisi. What is interesting to me, is that they see no conflict, no difference in connecting with the essential spiritual truths of their own ancient traditional culture, and the religions of the modern day. There is no separation, as in their minds it is all about Love.

I have been gifted directly and given permission by the Q'ero to share these teachings and blessings with you. With great gratitude and humility, I am blessed to be able to pass on the Q'oto Kuna Karpay, Seven Rites of the Pleiades by Don Mariano Quispe Flores and several of the rites of empowerment from Don Francisco Chura Flores and Dona Juana, including the Pampamesayok, Altamesayok and Kuraq Aquyek rites. The Pleiadian Star Rites, and Despacho ceremonies will be offered in groups, so please check the classes page, or email me for upcoming dates. The other Q'ero blessings and rites can be offered in healing sessions, and other individual ceremonies.

I have had the great honor to have worked and trained with the following teachers in my Peruvian shamanic work over the past several years: Eileen O'Hare, James Riverstone, Eleanora Amendolara, Gail Gorelick, Alverto Taxo, The Q'ero of Peru including Don Umberto Soncco Quispe, Don Mariano Quispe Flores, Don Francisco and Dona Juanita, Don Sebastian, Don Jose, Don Claudio, and Don Martin of Cuzco, Peru, along with healers of medicine traditions of the Amazon.



Don Francisco and Dona Juana, Andean Despacho Ceremony and Altomesayok Rites, June 2014, NH


Contact Deana for more information about Andean Energy Medicine: 203-994-5045, or email her at deana.paqua@gmail.com.



The Mystical Chumpis from the Urubamba River, Peru










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