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“Deana has so many wonderful strengths. The first one is that she treats her clients with a whole heart, she listens with a whole ear, and treats the client with all of her magic. I always feel completely at ease when with her and feel more balanced, calmer, and full after leaving her class or energy healing session. She is a gifted and loving healer.” -T.B., Ridgefield, CT

“That was one of the most powerful healings I've ever received! Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart.  Thank you for your words of wisdom and for sharing your amazing amazing gift with me.” -J.B., Danbury, CT 

Benefits of Healing Sessions:

  • Relieve stress or "detox" from stress
  • Get empowered and fortified after a major life transition, trauma or loss
  • Relieve acute or chronic pain, negativity, anxiety and depression
  • Boost and improve immune system and recovery from injury, surgery, acute or chronic illness
  • Clear and release energy blockages and patterns
  • Experience deeper healing and insight about your own spiritual journey, gifts and path and destiny
  • Develop your relationship with spirit guides, guardian angels, archangels, ancestors, nature spirits and power animals for healing, protection, guidance, empowerment and transformation
  • Experience a deeper connection to nature, the earth and the elements for personal healing, energy clearing and spiritual growth for greater clarity and self-empowerment

These sessions are not crisis interventions or a subsitute for medical treatment. They are spiritual and educational in nature.

Healing Sessions may include the following depending on your unique situation:

  • Discussion time to talk about what your intention is for the session

  • Hands-On Healing/Energy Balancing: a gentle, integrative approach incorporating:
    • Usui and Karuna® Reiki for reducing stress, pain and boosting energy
    • Integrated Energy Therapy® for clearing emotional blocks and for spiritual empowerment

  • Shamanic Healing depending on individual needs and preferences, a session may incorporate one or more of the following techniques:
    • Shamanic journeying for guidance and healing
    • Andean energy medicine techniques for empowerment, cleansing and protection
    • Crystal and stone healing for healing, balance and grounding
    • Soul Retrieval for restoring wholeness after a loss, trauma or transition
    • Power animal retrieval for guidance and empowerment
    • Shamanic extraction and energy clearing for releasing blocks, negativity, patterns, obstacles and misplaced energy
    • DNA/ancestral pattern healing for getting to the source of unwanted issues
    • Sound healing using medicine songs, bells, drums or rattles, and more...

  • After the energetic and shamanic healing work is complete, you will receive any further intuitive messages, guidance, and empowerement tools and recommendations to further your healing process.
  • Click here to read more detailed information about modalities offered in healing sessions.

Cost $150 for full 90 minute session. Sessions include consultation time and intake, table/energy healing work or distance energy healing, and spiritual guidance/teaching. In-person, phone and distance healing sessions available. Contact Deana for more information about distant or phone sessions.

Healing is never a one-shot, one-time thing. To really transform and move forward, 3 sessions in close succession is a great way to get started...healing is a life-long journey full of many rewards and profound gifts.

Contact Deana to schedule your healing session today: 203-994-5045, or email her at deana.paqua@gmail.com.

These sessions are not crisis interventions or a subsitute for medical treatment. They are spiritual and educational in nature.

Payment due at time of your session; cash or check preferred for in-person sessions.

Online payments can be made here; please contact Deana to schedule your session FIRST. Thank you!


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More information:

I incorporate over 25 years total of study, training, and experience in Reiki/energy healing modalities, massage therapy, world religions and spirituality, holistic health, and shamanic healing with contemporary and indigenous healers into each of my sessions and classes. Plus the deep wisdom and direct experience gained from my own successful and rewarding healing journey through major life challenges such as cancer, a near-fatal car accident, an anxiety disorder, a difficult divorce and a career change from corporate to spiritually based-self employment.

I also share intuitive and spiritual guidance and spiritual teaching, through images and symbolism based on what arises during the session. Messages from angels, power animals, and ancestors can also come up during a session to provide healing, guidance and support.

Click here to read more detailed information about modalities offered in healing sessions.

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"Following my guidance, I scheduled a soul retrieval session with Deana, with hopes of finally resolving a chronic pain issue, which I knew was related to my childhood. I was drawn to Deana, in large part, because of her ability to be grounded in the physical world while simultaneously opening to the spiritual realms for subtle messages, powerful helper-guides and the potential for major energetic shifts.

All this and more I received from my healing session with Deana. Her loving and compassionate ground of being allowed two parts of myself from childhood to re-emerge and re-integrate. She intuited one of my spiritual guides who aided in this process, while at the same time, received messages for me that would open my heart toward my young selves and welcome them home.

Within two days, my pain level was much lower. I consider Deana's powerful session to be the turning point in a two-year journey through pain and toward enlightenment. I feel so much lighter and expansive! " - E.K., Ridgefield, CT


Deana's mesa - an Andean sacred tool for healing, a portable altar
Mesa cloth from Don Mariano Quispe Flores of the Q'ero


“Deana is a gifted, knowledgeable healer. She is able to use a variety of techniques and healing systems, depending on which one is the best for the client at that time.
I always feel better, emotionally and physically, after a session with Deana. I highly recommend her to you.”
C.M., Wilton, CT


“Deana is an amazing healer and is incredibly intuitive and accurate in her shamanic work. She combines her multiple talents... as well to help you feel wonderful after your sessions.”
D.J., Ridgefield, CT





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