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Embody the Sacred® Healing sessions integrate many healing techniques to help you on your path to wholeness, happiness, health and wellbeing. See below for descriptions of the individual techniques incorporated into healing sessions tailored to your needs. You don't need to know what might work best for you, we will discuss this together during your session. It is often not one "thing" that miraculously helps us to heal or move forward, but often a combination of complimentary techniques that support overall balance and wellness. You will also be given guidance to keep moving forward. Basically setting the stage for you to heal yourself and get in touch with the gifts of the sacred that are available to all of us if we "ask." The more help the better! For rates and how to schedule, go to the Sessions Offered/Healing Sessions page.

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Energy Balancing

Reiki: an ancient Tibetan modality that promotes deep relaxation, balance and well-being through spiritually-guided universal life force energy. Reiki works through light touch along the body, easily incorporated into a massage session, or within an energy healing session. Usui Reiki is traditional Reiki which incorporates light hand touch on the body. Karuna Reiki® incorporates light hand touch, chanting and toning of sacred sounds which helps to remove blocked energy, and connects with the power of the feminine spirit. Karuna Reiki® provides specific techniques for healing past life issues, deep trauma and abuse, physical and emotional pain, balancing the mind and body, enhancing learning, connecting more deeply with the spiritual side of life, and staying more present and grounded in everyday life. Deana uses the full system of Karuna Reiki in her sessions and also trains and teaches Reiki Masters the system of Karuna® Reiki.

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET): through gentle touch on pressure points along the spine, negative emotions such as guilt, shame, threat, fear, anger and resentment are released allowing you to feel calmer and in a more positive state of mind. This technique is extremely powerful in helping release negativity that also has an impact on physical health and wellbeing. This therapy will guide you in safely and gently releasing limiting energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and helps you evolve into your future. Also incorporates and provides a connection to the Angels, who provide a wonderful sense of comfort and peace during a session. If you don't believe in Angels and that sounds really weird to you, that's OK. This energy still feels good and works whether you believe in these divine helpers or not.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is based on the oldest forms of healing on the planet, gentle nurturing touch, balancing and unblocking the life force energy that runs through the body and energy field (the aura), working with spirit guides and angels, the elements and forces of nature, stones and crystals, drum, rattle, sound and other sacred tools, and most importantly, providing caring service from the heart with the greatest integrity to each person or student that comes to the shamanic practitioner.

In many indigenous cultures, the path of the traditional shaman has been often called the path of the wounded healer. The path of the wounded healer involved the shaman often being called to this path through a healing crisis, such as a life-threatening illness, a psychological imbalance, a near-death experience, or a descent into spiritual darkness through a "dark night of the soul." After surviving such a profound experience and healing from it, in sometimes miraculous ways, the healer developed an awareness of the great help and forces of spirit available to intervene on their behalf and on the behalf of others. These healers, medicine people and shamans walking the path of the wounded healer also developed great empathy for others because of their own suffering and challenges. They also discovered or learned many ways to heal mind, body and spirit through natural and spiritual methods. Some shamans also became experts at dealing with the forces of "darkness" having battled their own inner demons and cleared misplaced energies from their own lives, relationships and homes.

Shamanic Healing: provides healing and guidance through the shamanic journey process and other healing practices which allows the practitioner a way to connect with support from the spirit world on behalf of the client or community, typically in the form of guardian angels, ancestors, spirit guides, nature spirits and power animals. These beings help us release negativity and speed the natural healing process. They also help us evolve, empower us and move forward on our path. Imagery and symbols from the natural world may also present themselves as tools for self-healing and empowerment, such as animal spirit guides, specific flowers, trees, stones or other elements from the Earth. Removal of energetic intrusions through Shamanic Extraction is also addressed as needed. Tools such as feathers, phurbas, stones, mesas (a portable medicine bundle), cleansing herbs such as sage and palo santo, drums and rattles, chanting, songs, rituals and ceremony can be used to facilitate deeper healing, and connection to the sacred and spiritual to guide one's journey.

Soul Retrieval: Shamans believe that soul loss is the most common source of illness, depression and fatigue, as well as a variety of mental and emotional disorders. When someone suffers tremendous pain, trauma or grief, we might lose a part of our vital energy. In our Western society, this is a very common process. Part of the soul or essence may be driven from the body through addictive behaviors, physical or emotional trauma, and/or the shock of an accident or medical crisis. Soul loss may also occur from loss of a loved one or pet. Some symptoms may include: emotional numbness, addictive behaviors, low energy/depression, chronic pain/illness, low resistance to infections, chronic misfortune and difficulty in life, feeling stuck, the inability to experience love and joy, and a sense of something missing. Soul retrieval restores our natural power, energy and vitality. Through a meditation, or shamanic journey, the practitioner visits with the realms of Spirit and travels to retrieve the lost soul or energy parts, after which any healing assistance is provided, before they are then returned to the recipient by blowing them into their heart and crown of the head, returning them home. Soul retrieval can help restore energy, creative power and vitality, without the need to re-live the pain of the original trauma. Often after a soul retrieval, further self-healing is needed to integrate the new parts of the self through psychotherapy, bodywork, and other forms of energy healing.

Power Animal Reading/Retrieval: Ancient cultures considered animals "other people," and animals were often revered and acknowledged for their natural gifts and power. Working with healing spirit guides in animal form gives us additional guidance, empowerment, healing and protection. Healing with the animals can give us great joy and peace in our lives. They are gifts from the Creator both in physical and spiritual form. If we work with them and develop a relationship with them, we can enhance our own talents and gifts, and also enhance and improve our careers, health and relationships. Come learn who your power animals are, what they represent and how to work with them, and receive their empowering energy.

Shamanic Extraction: As a form of etheric "surgery," and energy clearing that safely aids in the removal of misplaced energy and entities and helps shift blocked energy in the body and in the energy centers known as "chakras" and in the energy field itself. Helps remove draining or un-supportive energetic attachments or chords to people, places and situations. Benefits include greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, a greater sense of calmness, clearer thinking/focus,enhanced immune system, improved healing process, stress relief, pain relief, and relief from overwhelm.

A powerful technique that works to clear and release deeply held negativity and energetic interference passed on consciously or unconciously from other individuals. These energetic entanglements can interfere with health, finances, family relationships, emotional wellbeing, and cause disharmony in the home and workplace. And also contribute to patterns of addiction, bad luck, feeling "stuck," and feeling a "dark cloud" hanging over one's head.

Healing with Crystals and Stones : a powerful hands-on treatment that incorporates the use of therapeutic stones and crystals with special healing properties along with energy balancing treatment. Stone healing is one of the most ancient forms of healing available on the planet, and it still works. Crystals and stones are like beautiful, additional hands on the body to clear the mind, release clogged up energy, and infuse the body and spirit with calm and serenity. Crystals, natural stones, and crystal skulls may
be used depending on need.






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