Embody the Sacred

Intuitive Readings and Enlightened Tarot can help you to:

  • Get un-stuck and un-blocked in your health, work, finances or relationships
  • Get clear about what you want, vs. what you don't want in your life
  • Get down-to-earth spiritual guidance for daily life concerns
  • Get a different perspective about your issue or situation and learn spiritual problem solving for moving forward
  • Gain greater access to the incredible beings of Light available to support you on your journey, such as Angels, Spirit Guides, Power Animals and Ancestors...
  • Receive healing guidance from nature...learn which crystals, plants, flowers and trees can help teach you and guide you to heal, grow and improve your work, life, family, finances, health and relationships
  • Restore vital energy, creativity and wholeness
  • Experience a greater connection to your sprituality and mission in life

In-person and phone/skype readings available.

Intuitive Readings: Need a different perspective or point of view? Need practical guidance from a "higher" perspective for daily life? These sessions will create a sacred space for accessing guidance from angels, ancestors, power animals, and loving and evolved spirit guides and ascended masters to guide you, teach you and empower you to move forward in your life. In addition to sharing messages, practical intuitive guidance and spiritual teaching, included is the use of angel cards, shamanic oracle cards and mystical healing cards, provide further clarity and healing. Messages are uplifting and supportive. So many people need comfort, clarity and support during these challenging times. This is not fortune telling, this is healing and empowerment for the highest good of all. Cost is $125 for 60 minutes. "Angel Parties" are also available for small groups of 5-10. Contact Deana for more information.

Enlightened Tarot: the Tarot is based on universal archetypes and addresses major life events and daily concerns to aid us on our spiritual journey to health, happiness and enlightenment. Readings include the same format as Intuitive Readings, except we are using the Angel Tarot, mystical and shamanically based Tarot decks to give you guidance and clarity, healing and support to help you move forward and bring your soul's mission to life. Readings are conducted in a sacred way for your highest good and healing. Cost is $125 for 60 minutes. Contact Deana for more information.

Contact Deana to schedule your reading today: 203-994-5045, or email her at deana.paqua@gmail.com.

Online payments can be made here; please contact Deana to schedule your session FIRST.
Thank you!

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