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Embody The Sacred® Shamanic Reiki Level I
(For Level II Usui Reiki practitioners and up)

Experience connecting your Reiki practice with some wonderful, practical shamanic tools meant for everyone. This is an introduction to basic shamanic healing and techniques. The practice of shamanism is the most ancient spiritual and healing path on the planet. Shamans and medicine people from cultures across the globe have used shamanic journeying, an ancient form of meditative practice for connecting with the Spirit World for healing, learning, growth and empowerment for thousands of years. They also honored the cycles and the seasons of Nature, forged relationships with angels, spirit guides and nature spirits to bring health, balance and harmony to their communities. They also worked with stones and crystals, used drums, rattles, bells and song, sacred ceremonies and rituals to perform healing for themselves, their clients and their communities.

In this series, we will learn some basic shamanic tools and techniques that you will be able to incorporate in your personal healing practice and Reiki practice, including shamanic journeying, using basic stones and crystals as healing tools, basic energy clearing techniques including smudgeing, and grounding and protection techniques so you can do this work safely. We will also work on developing our relationship with our helping spirits who guide us and support us on our personal journeys and healing work, including power animals, guardian angels, Reiki guides, ascended masters, nature spirits and more...We will learn how to safely open and create sacred space, navigate the three worlds of the Shaman, and connect with the healing and power of the 7 directions.

We will incorporate techniques from various traditions including Contemporary Journey-based Shamanism, the Western Mystery traditions, and Andean Energy Medicine along with Usui and Karuna Reiki®.

Shamanic healing is a life-long path. It is a very sacred calling to be of humble service. While these techniques are open to everyone, we honor the sacredness of this path by not calling ourselves a "Shaman." This is a term of respect bestowed by one's community. Also, we honor this path by acknowledging that one can continue to learn and train in Shamanic techniques to deepen their effectiveness over one's entire lifetime. It is also recommended for those interested in both Reiki and Shamanism to continue your Reiki training to the Master Level to optimize your connection to the Reiki energies.

TBD, Ridgefield, CT...10am-4pm, cost: $200, for individual training, $250. Contact Deana to register. Call (203) 994-5308 or email ReikiHandsAndPaws@gmail.com to register. Bring a drum or rattle, and a bagged lunch, and any shamanic tools or stones you wish.


Embody The Sacred® Shamanic Reiki Level II

Level two will include more hands-on shamanic healing and stone healing techniques, safe energy and space clearing techniques, working with the elements, the directions and the three worlds, guided meditations, deepen your shamanic journeying skills by connecting to the reiki energy and reiki symbols, using Reiki drumming and chanting during healing sessions. 10am-4pm, cost: $200, contact Deana to register. Must be level II Usui Reiki practitioner, and have taken level I Shamanic Reiki with Deana.

New date TBD, Ridgefield, CT...10am-4pm, cost: $225, for individual training, cost is $275, contact Deana to register. Call (203) 994-5308 or email ReikiHandsAndPaws@gmail.com to register. Bring a drum or rattle, and a bagged lunch, and any shamanic tools or stones you wish.






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Deana Paqua
Deana Paqua
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“I have taken several IET classes given by Deana and find her to be a wonderful teacher. She is thorough, sensitive and provides a warm and caring learning environment. She easily adjusts to the individual needs of her students and makes sure the material is fully understood with ample practice time.

Deana continues to nurture her students long after the class is over, keeping us informed of new information, developments and new classes/workshops -- providing a network and resources for our ongoing growth and learning. Most importantly, her main goal is to empower each of us in our own right -- helping us to find what is inside of us. I feel fortunate to have her as a mentor..."

E.M., Danbury, CT




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