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Embody The Sacred® Holistic Shamanic Practitioner Training and Certification Program

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I have taken a ton of courses, especially yoga and wellness related...and this course was more profound than all of my prior ones put together!” DK, Stamford, CT

There is also a Level 2 program for graduates of the Level 1 program.

In alliance with the Institute for Holistic Health Studies at Western CT State University and Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center.

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Student Feedback

I am so grateful for this healing experience and tools I have learned from Deana. It is transformative and life changing.” JB, Danbury, CT

I utilize many of the healing techniques each day in my own healing practice...So happy to have taken this course...life-changing!” JH, Bethel, CT

Deana taught us so much about the Shamanic and Andean traditions, as well as working with angels, archangels, fairies, etc. She is a wealth of information and freely shares it with us.” SS, Brewster, NY


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A One-Year Foundational Program in Contemporary Shamanistic Healing Techniques, Andean Energy Medicine and Working with the Andean Mesa (Portable Altar)

One Saturday per month for 13 Months, in New Milford, CT; classes will be held from 10am-5pm. Classes run from October to October.

This 13-month program will incorporate teachings based on the healing traditions of the Americas with an emphasis on the Southeastern Andean traditions, contemporary Core Shamanism, practical hands-on energy healing techniques, holistic wellness education, how to integrate Reiki and Shamanic healing techniques, and teachings from cross-cultural mystical traditions. Traditional teachings from indigenous cultures included in the program are shared with permission and deep gratitude.

Students will also create a mesa (a portable altar from the Andean traditions) throughout the duration of this program to use for their own growth and in their healing work. Students will also receive rites and initiations (attunements) throughout the program to support their healing, empowerment, spiritual growth and awareness. Students will learn healing techniques they can use in their everyday lives and in their energy healing practices. While this program will include significant instruction and teachings of different techniques as a foundation, the student will be encouraged to develop their own "medicine" through practice and developing their own intuitive guidance and connection to Spirit and their own team of Helping Spirits.

This course is also meant for Reiki practitioners, bodyworkers, energy healers, therapists, counselors and other health care practitioners who feel called to incorporate more spiritual, energy-based, shamanistic and mystical practices into their work for their own healing and to assist others. This program is also for those who wish to deepen their intuition, their connection to spirit guides, angels, ancestors, power animals, and Mother Earth to facilitate shifts in their own consciousness, health, work and life and to strengthen those connections to be of service to others and the planet.

The practices of animistic healing are the most ancient spiritual and healing paths on the planet. Shamans, traditional healers and medicine people from cultures across the globe have used animistic healing techniques, and meditative practices for connecting with the Spirit World for healing, learning, growth and empowerment for thousands of years. They also honored the cycles and the seasons of Nature, moon cycles, forged relationships with angels, spirit guides and nature spirits to bring health, balance and harmony to their communities. They also worked with stones and crystals, altars and mesas (portable altars), worked with sound, including drums, rattles, bells and song, created sacred ceremonies and rituals that honored the cycles of the moon and the seasons, and also used these tools to perform healing for themselves, their clients and their communities. In this program you will learn to work with some of these ancient tools of the medicine person still effective in the world today. In fact they are needed now, more than ever.

While this is an intensive foundational core shamanistic and energy medicine training program that involves work and dedication, this is not a program to train one to become a "Shaman." The path of the Shaman is a calling, it is life-long, and the title is one of honor bestowed by the community for those who practice a very specific type of healing work that involves repeated entry into altered or trance states of consciousness to work with helping spirits to perform healing in the Spirit World. Traditionally, the name comes from the healing traditions of the Tungus tribe in Siberia. Today the terms "shaman" and "shamanism" are used in a very general way to describe many different forms of animistic and spiritual healing, both contemporary and traditional.

However, in this course, we honor the traditional meaing of the title, and do not use it to describe contemporary or other cross-cultural methods of healing that are not truly Shamanic. It is very important to have respect when working with the teachings of these ancient cultures and only work with teachings that are given with permission. The core shamanistic approach, which is a contemporary practice, can benefit us all, and can be practiced, learned and developed with dedication, humility, love and respect by almost anyone. The shamanistic and animistic path of healing is one that spans a lifetime. Students are encouraged to continue with ongoing learning in whichever traditions and teachings resonate for them. In many ways, we are all beginners. The teachings of the Andes are animistic and mystical, not Shamanic. And one of the teachings of the Andes is openness and sharing of their wisdom and knowledge with all who want to learn. This is not the way of all tribes, including many of the North American traditions because of what they have endured. In this couse, we honor and respect traditional cultures and teachings and do not use practices, ceremonies, titles or terms without permission.

Deana Paqua incorporates both traditional teachings with permission, directly from several elders of the Q'ero of Peru, a tribe of mystics with a very heart-centered, heaven and earth honoring and open-hearted approach to healing along with contemporary core shamanistic teachings learned from various mentors. Deana has also worked with other traditional healers from South America and Tibet and several tribes from North America as well.

(PLEASE NOTE: any deeper personal physical or mental health challenge may likely also require ongoing personal healing work, possible medical intervention or therapy, and consultations with the appropriate professionals (health care, counseling, legal, financial, etc.). This course is not meant as a subsitute for medical treatment, psychotherapy, or other professional guidance or direction. This course is for personal development and information only).



Andean Mesa, Portable Altar


This training program will include the following:

  • 13 monthly sessions, from 10am-5pm, 1 Saturday per month
  • Connect with a community of like-minded people in safe environment for sharing
  • Discussion of personal ethics, responsibility and boundaries in spiritual and energetic healing work, the Holistic Shamanic Practitioner's Code of Ethics, working in Ayni (sacred reciprocity) with each other, Nature and Spirit
  • Instruction and practice in core Shamanic Journeying for guidance, learning, healing and empowerment.
  • Developing relationships and learning healing techniques to work with Helping Spirits
  • Learn to work with Power Animals
  • Creating a deeper, more profound relationship with Pachamama/Mother Earth
  • Creating a Mesa, a medicine bundle or portable altar, from the teachings of the Q'ero and the Andean traditions and how to work with the Mesa as a personal healing and empowerment tool for guidance, transformation, energy clearing and blessing.
  • Working properly with sacred tools such as drums, rattles, feathers and more effectively and appropriately
  • Learn and practice cross-cultural energy medicine healing techniques from the Andes and other traditions for everyday life and for incorporating into your healing practice
  • Exploring the Shamanic world view including the elements, and exploring honoring the 7 sacred directions and the three worlds for your personal spiritual connections
  • Energy clearing, grounding and protection techniques for doing spiritual work safely and for everyday health and wellbeing. Further instruction in safe Shamanic Extraction (deeper energy clearing) will also be included.
  • Exploring Ancestral healing and guidance, and our connection to the Stars
  • Shadow work and personal responsibility for the disowned, forgotten parts of ourselves for healing and empowerment
  • Learning about sacred ceremonies including fire ceremonies, sacred rites and initiations, drumming, the Andean Despacho, and more...
  • A full reading list, resources guide and sacred tools list are provided for the course.
  • And more...

Program Requirements

Class registration maximum number of students is 15. We request that only those who are dedicated and serious about the program apply. We are very grateful for the interest in this course and each year have had a waiting list. Keep in mind that if you sign up you may be taking away a spot from someone else. Be sure that this program is right for you at this time.

Students should have at least their Reiki level one certification and plans to continue their study of this modality. Students will need to write a one-page letter as to why they are interested in this course and why they feel this is the right fit for them at this time. Applicants will also need to meet with Deana for a brief interview prior to being accepted into the program.

Students must sign and agree to adhere to the Embody The Sacred® Code of Ethics to participate in the course and receive their certificate at course completion.

To receive certification, attendance at all scheduled classes is required. If a class is missed, a private make-up may be arranged if schedules allow. The fee for a private class is $225 (in addition to the tuition fee). Students may also make up a class with the next course group starting the following October at no cost, to receive credit for certification, however this is discouraged as this disrupts the flow of learning for the student and the group. However, it is an option if needed.

This course will require "homework," including reading, practice sessions and attendance at all classes to receive certification.

Students will need to aquire some basic tools, including drum, rattle, mesa cloth, medicine bag, smudgeing tools, offerings, books, stones/crystals (as needed), as directed. Resources for such items will be provided during classes. Cost-effective options will be discussed.

Students will need to bring a journal/notebook, water bottle, bagged lunch, drum/rattle, and their shamanic/healing tools (as needed) to each class. Wearing comfortable clothes for the season recommended. Simple snacks will be provided.


Total tuition for 13 months is $2497.

There is a $497 registration fee and deposit, due by September 30th, 2018 to hold your spot, which is non-refundable.

Save $250 off the course tuition by paying in full by September 30th, 2018 which is $2247 (including deposit and full tuition).

Two payment option available in installments of $930 each with a savings of $140 for the course. For the two payment option, the first payment is due by October 13, and the second payment is due by class 7 (this is in addition to the deposit due by September 20th).

The monthly payment option is $153.84, due on the 13th of the month of each class via a monthly subscription payment option (this is in addition to the deposit).

Westconn staff, teachers and students receive a discount off course tuition.

A portion of proceeds from the program will be donated to support the efforts of planting trees in North America, Green Chimneys School, and to the Heartwalk Foundation that supports education, health care, and sustainable practices for the Q'ero of Peru.

Registration/Program Deposit:


Full payment option with $250 savings (includes deposit already):


Monthly Tuition Payment Subscription (in addition to deposit):



Two Payment Option (in addition to desposit):


Don Umberto Soncco Quispe, Q'ero Elder, Kuraq Akuyaq, and Deana


Course taught by:

Deana Paqua, MA, LMT, spiritual teacher, shamanic healer, holistic health educator, reiki master, licensed massage therapist and ordained minister. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Western Connecticut State University, teaching courses and giving presentations on Mind/Body Healing, Cross-Cultural Healing, Power Animals, Reiki, Shamanic Healing and more. She has over 25 years of study in the holistic health field, over 19 years as a practitioner, 16 years of teaching, and 14 years of study in mystical healing and shamanistic healing with contemporary and indigenous teachers. She has been initiated several times by the Q'ero priests of the Andes into their spiritual tradition, and also by Tibetan Lamas into their healing arts. She also has several certifications in clinical, energetic and spiritually based healing techniques, including a Master's Degree in integrative health and healing, and a license in massage therapy. She brings practical wisdom, knowledge and experience to her work and teaching and strives to empower her clients and students to heal themselves and use their gifts to help others.

Her own personal healing journey has included recovery from cancer at age 21, an OCD/anxiety disorder in her twenties, a near-fatal car accident at age 30, a difficult divorce, career changes, and losses of various loved ones and pets throughout her life. Through a spiritually based, holistic path of self-healing Deana transformed these traumas and pain into triumphs and deeper self-awareness, and some of her greatest joys have involved inspiring others and supporting them to do the same.

Read more on Deana here: About page.

Don Mariano Quispe Flores and Deana






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