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Level 2 Holistic Shamanic Practitioner Course (ONLY for graduates of the Level 1 program). This 7-month certification course begins March 9, 2019; and will run on the second Saturday of the month, from 10-5 through September, 2019. This program will continue teachings from the Q'ero Tribe, the Andean traditions and Core Shamanism to strengthen and support our own personal healing, life force and vitality, a deeper connection to our Guides and Helping Spirits and training in advanced techniques of Core Shamanism and Energy Medicine. It is a wonderful opportunity to expand your gifts as a Shamanic Pracitioner to empower and heal yourself and serve your community.

Course teachings and content will include:

  1. Deepening relationships with Helping Spirits and incorporating deeper protection and energy clearing techniques and tools
  2. More Despacho ceremonies
  3. Working with the Teqse Apus – the cosmic forces of Nature and receiving the rites and attunements to these powerful Nature Beings to strengthen your own vitality, life force, immune system, connection to Nature and Pachamama
  4. Connecting with the Wilka Mayu and energetic bands of empowerment and Seven Cosmic beings, and receiving the rites and teachings which come directly from the Q'ero tribe
  5. Deepen connection with your Higher Self, and your Earth Angel self.
  6. Deep protection work for preventing psychic attack and effects of sorcery and clearing their effects
  7. Advanced Shamanic Extraction, entity removal and compassion-based depossession  techniques
  8. Psychopomp work and supporting spirits crossing over to the other side
  9. Basic space clearing techniques
  10. Curse and energetic and Ancestral pattern breaking
  11. Transfiguration work and releasing and transmuting toxic energies
  12. Soul Retrieval work for people, places and pets - NEW!!! Now including both the teachings of Core Shamanism for Soul Retrieval Work and ancient teachings directly from the Andes for additional aspects of this powerful modality.

The program is offered in alliance with the Institute of Holistic Health Studies at Western CT State University, and Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center in Ridgefield, CT. Classes held in New Milford, CT or in the Danbury, CT area.

Registration due February 25, 2019. There is a $250 non-refundable materials and registration fee due by February 25. Spots limited to 10 students. Contact Deana to register through email or by phone 203-994-5045. Cost for this advanced program is $1333. A discount of $183 for the course will be applied for those wishing to pay in full by March 1, 2019. There is also a payment option which can be made via the button below. (This is not a pay per class option, it is a monthly payment subscription.) If a class is missed, a make-up may be scheduled and the cost is $225 for the private make-up class in addition to monthly tuition.

There will be required readings, journal work and hands-on practice sessions for completion of the course.


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Despacho for the Seven Cosmic Beings in the Q'ero Wilka Mayu Rites



Sacred Nature Beings, Chimney Rock, NC










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