Embody the Sacred

Space Clearings and Blessings for Home, Office and Property can help you to:

  • Feel more calm and peaceful in your home or office
  • Bless and support new beginnings and fresh starts in a new home or living space
  • Sleep better
  • Help children to feel more safe and comfortable in a new or existing home
  • Prepare house for sale and improve sales potential
  • Clear the energy after a stressful period (arguments, financial difficulties, divorce, health challenges) so you can start fresh
  • Clear and protect space from outside influences
  • Transmute and clear troublesome heavy energy, cross over discarnate spirits, imprints of past traumas (accidents, battles, etc.) so the space and land feel more harmonious and calm, help spirits move on to a better place and restore harmony and peace for all beings
  • Learn some simple tools to use to keep the energy in your home or office calm, harmonious and clear


Space Clearings, House Healings and Land and Property Blessings for Home and Office help to clear and cleanse a home, office, space or property of old, uncomfortable, troublesome energies, ghosts or misplaced energies, to make it more pleasant, clear and hospitable to positive experiences and energies...can also help to sell or rent properties...Clients also receive teaching/guidance about how to keep their spaces clear and specific needs of their particular property. Costs start at $400 for first 2 hours + additional costs depending on size of space and specific needs, $125 per hour.

Contact Deana to schedule your space clearing and blessing today: 203-994-5045, or email her at deana.paqua@gmail.com.













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