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“That was one of the most powerful healings I've ever received! Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart.  Thank you for your words of wisdom and for sharing your amazing amazing gift with me.” -J.B., Danbury, CT 

“Deana is the person I call whenever I hit a particularly rocky spot in life. My reiki sessions with her have been nothing short of miraculous. After an hour of moving energy around and working with my guides and totem animals I am a completely new, refreshed, better 'me'. Anyone who has ever struggled with depression and/or anxiety knows what a struggle it can be just to feel okay. Deana has been able to for me what no amount of talk therapy or medication has ever been able to do. It doesn't matter whether you're a believer, on the fence, or just don't buy in to this "new age holistic healing stuff". Deana has literally saved my life on more than one occasion and I couldn't be more grateful for her unique talents and insight into that which remains a mystery to the masses.” Thank you Deana. - M.P., Newtown, CT


"Following my guidance, I scheduled a soul retrieval session with Deana, with hopes of finally resolving a chronic pain issue, which I knew was related to my childhood.
I was drawn to Deana, in large part, because of her ability to be grounded in the physical world while simultaneously opening to the spiritual realms for subtle messages, powerful helper-guides and the potential for major energetic shifts.

All this and more I received from my healing session with Deana. Her loving and compassionate ground of being allowed two parts of myself from childhood to re-emerge and re-integrate. She intuited one of my spiritual guides who aided in this process, while at the same time, received messages for me that would open my heart toward my young selves and welcome them home.

Within two days, my pain level was much lower. I consider Deana's powerful session to be the turning point in a two-year journey through pain and toward enlightenment. I feel so much lighter and expansive! " - E.K., Ridgefield, CT


“Deana's combination of healing work feels as if she somehow joins earth to heaven. The therapeutic service she does for me not only helps me to relax, but it also helps me in my own work. I feel the magnetic-like pull of my energy as she works with both a hands on and hands off approach. Her desire to help us heal ourselves is evident through every caring session.” - M.B., Bethel, CT


“Deana truly is connected to a higher power. In her healing sessions I have been able to let go of any inhibitions and/or anxiety and visually travel to relaxing places that I have visited in the past. During energy healing, I could feel the weight of the world being lifted off of me and replaced with such a positive healing power. I feel rejuvenated and more positive when I leave my sessions with Deana and I feel as though we have had a conversation without using words through her work. She truly is the best Reiki and massage practitioner that I have ever visited. Thank you Deana!”

S.O., Naugatuck, CT


“Deana is a gifted, knowledgeable healer. She is able to use a variety of techniques and healing systems, depending on which one is the best for the client at that time.” “I always feel better, emotionally and physically, after a session with Deana. I highly recommend her to you.”

C.M., Wilton, CT


“Deana is wonderful at what she does. I feel wonderful after a session with her. Deana's insights and messages that are for me during a session are usually very accurate, pertinent and thought provoking. I love the work with the angels. Learning IET with Deana has been beneficial to me and my practice. This angelic energy often helps me open blockages that my clients have in a certain area. Once I call in the angels, do the heart link and the bubble, it usually clears.”

J.D., Ridgefield, CT


“I have taken several IET classes given by Deana and find her to be a wonderful teacher. She is thorough, sensitive and provides a warm and caring learning environment. She easily adjusts to the individual needs of her students and makes sure the material is fully understood with ample practice time. Deana continues to nurture her students long after the class is over, keeping us informed of new information, developments and new classes/workshops -- providing a network and resources for our ongoing growth and learning. Most importantly, her main goal is to empower each of us in our own right -- helping us to find what is inside of us. I feel fortunate to have her as a mentor. I have also experienced a Reconnection session with Deana and can attest to her skills as a healer/practitioner. Again, she provides a warm, nurturing and safe environment during the session -- with you as her utmost concern. I would highly recommend experiencing these different modalities with her.”

E.M., Danbury, CT


“Deana's work is INCREDIBLE! I always feel refreshed and in a state of bliss after a session. Deana is connected to some fantastic energy source that permeates all that come into contact with her wonderful heart.”

P.H., Danbury, CT


“Deana is a very spiritual person. I have felt tremendous energy and spiritual awareness while in her presence. While working with me she was able to connect with the angels and channel messages. She was also able to do this for my teenage son. I have had studied with Deana as well as had Deana work on me. She truly is gifted spiritually and connected powerfully to a higher power.”

A.R., Wilton, CT







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